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Stapeley angling centre summer league rd3

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HanKat Crony
HanKat Crony
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Stapeley angling centre summer league rd3


Unread post by preecy » July 27th, 2015, 9:16 am


1. Albert malcolmson Drennan northwest. 17-10-0

2. Martin Owen Browning lifestyle. 11-9-9

3. Simon Preece. Browning lifestyle. 10-2-4

4. Danny Martin. Wigan 9-13-8

5. Ken power Tri-cast highfield. 9-4-8

6. Harry Moulton. Bettleys. 9-4-0

teams on day

1. Wigan. 59

2. Bettleys beer monsters. 57

3. Drennan northwest. 55

4. Eclipse. 51

5. Browning lifestyle blue 45


1. Drennan northwest. 156

2. Shakespeare. 153

3. Browning lifestyle red. 149

Next round Sunday 16th August norbuy junction

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