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Oxford Summer League round 2

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John Beesley
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Oxford Summer League round 2


Unread post by John Beesley » July 26th, 2015, 7:27 pm

The 1st round of the Oxford Summer league was fished by 9 teams of 6 on the Thames on the Medley and Folly stretches. With the rain in the week, and also all though the match,the Thames was rising slightly and also colouring up a bit. With the change in conditions bream were expected to dominate but they did not show and it was roach which dominated all the top weights.

1st Arnold Liaukeviciius - Tubertini Apollo - 17lb 2oz. Arnold drew towards the bottom end of Medley and had all roach on the pole using casters and hemp on the hook over hemp and caster feed.

2nd Steve Townsend - Drennan Oxford - 16lb 8oz. Steve drew bottom end peg on Folly in Coca Cola bay. He a 3lb perch and a skimmer on the feeder and worm and then caught roach on the waggler and caster.

3rd John Taylor - Tubertini Apollo - 15lb 7oz. John drew 1 out of the poplars on Medley and had all roach on the waggler and tares over hemp feed.

4th Carl Eland - Drennan Oxford - 12lb 11oz. Carl drew top end peg on Folly and had roach, perch and hybrids on pole and caster.

5th Kevin Green - ISIS - 12lb 5oz


Drennan Oxford Yellow - 45 points

2nd = Drennan Oxford Blue - 36

2nd = Sensas A4 - 36

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