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Canal Kings (Soho Loop)

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Shrubbery AC
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Canal Kings (Soho Loop)


Unread post by grasshopper66 » July 19th, 2015, 8:53 pm

Fished great today with canal ace Roger Evans (Canal Kings) winning he had roach to squatt and pinkie at 4m off peg 44 . Second place went Terry Warren he had small skimmers off peg 35 he also fished squatt and pinkie he fished 13m

1. R.Evans (Canal Kings) 9-15-12

2. T.Warren (Canal Kings) 7-7-8

3. T.Gainey (Browning) 6-12-0

4. M.Rogers (Sensas Blackcountry) 6-8-12

5. N.Wilson (Good Intent) 5-15-15

Thanks to all that fished  :tiphat

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