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Canal kings (Soho Loop)

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Shrubbery AC
Shrubbery AC
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Canal kings (Soho Loop)


Unread post by grasshopper66 » July 5th, 2015, 5:16 pm

Saturday match
Roach showed well off peg 22 with Norman (Wharburton) Wilson winning with a great bag of roach he fished 12m on bread and squatt.Tony Bowen got second he fished 13m on squatt and caster for 5-6-13

1.N.Wilson (Good Intent) 9-0-0
2.T.Bowen (Canal Kings) 5-6-13
3.W.Shippley (Canal Kings) 5-5-0
4.G.Owen (Good Intent) 4-14-12
5.M.Howard (Canal Kings) 4-13-1

Sunday match
Fished well again with Norman (Wharburton) Wilson winning again off peg 50 he had roach coming to the seed.W.Shippley got second catching small skimmers to squatt and pinkie.

1.N.Wilson (Good Intent) 6-11-0
2.W.Shippley (Canal Kings) 5-2-0
3.T.Warren (Canal kings) 3-14-12
4.T.Bowen (Canal Kings) 3-14-0
5.G.Owen (Good Intent) 3-12-10

Thank to the lads that fished  :tiphat

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