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Stapeley angling centre summer league 2015

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HanKat Crony
HanKat Crony
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Stapeley angling centre summer league 2015


Unread post by preecy » June 29th, 2015, 10:46 am

Once again this more than popular league kicked off on the Trent and Mersey canal at northwich
Again run an organised in  excellent style by none other than Mr Keith Bettley the bloke is a genius at running an organising matches and is never given the credit the bloke deserves
With 15 teams of 5 turning out an teams on a waiting list to come to the league with has a maximum of 15 teams due to parking an pegging on some of the venues
Talking of pegging Lewis breeze did a top job pegging this opening round of 75 anglers out as a credit to his pegging over 5lb was needed to win most of the 5peg £20 section prizes
Well done Lewis on putting everyone on some fish


1. Dave Nichols    Mersey dockers      14-10-3
2. Dave edgley.    SAMs Wigan.          13-7-0
3. Dave McCall.    Shakespeare.          10-11-4
4. Paul Dobing.    Browning lifestyle.    10-1-4
5. Garry Lunt.      Browning lifestyle.    9-10-0
6. Kev Clarke.      Sams Wigan.            9-7-0

            teams on day

1. Browning lifestyle red.          62
2. Ted Carter southport.           54
2. LAS.                                    54
4. Shakespeare.                       52
5. Browning lifestyle blue.         51
6. Sams Wigan.                        47

Next round of this largest summer league in the country is on Sunday 12th July Trent and Mersey middlewich draw at the turnpike at 830 am sharp

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HanKat Crony
HanKat Crony
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Stapeley angling centre summer league 2015


Unread post by Dodge » June 30th, 2015, 8:22 pm

Nice one Preecy :thumsup :thumsup

and I see you have got the hang of FB fairly quickly :whistle :rofl :rofl :D :thumsup :cheers

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