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Upcoming Match Information and Venue Advice Here.
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Unread post by goldenhand » January 8th, 2018, 5:15 pm

Match bookings and memberships are available on our water, the river avon fladbury.
There are 26 pegs that have been worked on through out 2017 with safe steps down to a platform, all permantley pegged.
Pole, stick, waggler and feeder all work on the day.
£2 a peg with a minimum of 10 pegs.
Further discounts when booking more then one match in a season are available.
If your are thinking of joining our club then its £25 for the season as a full member. This entitles you to fish all the matches including pools and canals.
Alternatively you can join as a associate member for £20, this gives you the right to fish anytime when theres no matches booked on the river.
For more information contact brian barton -07788648136. For memberships contact frank bagley-07989566219.
Take a look at our website for all our matches for 2018 girling ac

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