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Claygate lakes, Sophie in Kent

Anything fishing here including Tackle and Bait.
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Claygate lakes, Sophie in Kent


Unread post by Spukeluke » October 4th, 2017, 8:05 am

Guys I am not sure this is the place for this but the above place might be in trouble once again.
What annoys me most about commercial fisheries of this type, and let's be honest there is quite a few of them, why don't the so called Managers cancel your booked events when the venue is simply not fishing, for whatever the reason. To be honest they would get my respect.
The option that you are left with when after having a poor, see results in AT, visit and the manager saying nothing is wrong is to make assumptions yourself, and to listen to hearsay, and rumours.
The frustration that results from the club captain is does he cancel the next event and therefore on short notice where can he get his guys on? Do you re- book for next season it's not like you can just swap about easily?
The money spent booking these venues is not small amounts but for some of us a Sunday is all we get to fish, and for a lot it's a luxury if you can get away from the strife for a day.
So commercial managers, Step up and be a manager. Most small business managers would go bust cheating/ misleading their customers, so please do like wise. >:( :facepalm

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